Women of Biblical Proportion - Men of Biblical Proportion


Men of Biblical Proportion

In the latter half of the 20th century, bed-coverings (quilts) have found their way to our walls. These wall-hangings are being recognized as art quilts. The quilt-makers are becoming known as artists, joining the traditional fabrics, tools, and processes with innovative vision and design.

The goal for this exhibit was to present a theme about men, by men, and for men. Male characters of the Bible fit this description. It was aptly named β€œMen of Biblical Proportion.” Male quilt-artists from around the country were issued invitations to take part, and in the end, 51 artists representing 22 states participated. The artists produced 50 art quilts, each 22” x 22”. Each participant selected one male biblical character to portray in quilt form, using his unique style, original design, and individual techniques. These award-winning artists are well established in the quilt art community. Among them are authors, published designers, speakers and teachers. Their styles range from realism, representational, and figurative to abstract. Collectively, this exhibit tells the stories of both ancient and modern men. The diversity of the quilts reinforces the diversity of the men portrayed. The “Men of Biblical Proportion” is a traveling exhibit that tours the country, click schedule for their itinerary. A CD is available for purchase, it includes photos and close-ups of all of the men’s quilts, their stories, the artists picture and biography.