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3 Reasons To Stay At Your Church

By Frank Powell

Are you a bit of a church hopper? It can be a lot like hopscotch. Everyone these days seems to be playing the game. Christians can tend to jump around from church to church at times, hopping from one to another.

There can be some real reasons to leave, of course.  There are also some awful reasons to leave your church.

So, while I acknowledge the actual inevitability of church hopping in this culture, I also want to take a moment to push back against this recent trend. Church hopping is not something actually, God wants or desires for His people. At least not when it comes to church hopping as it exists in the United States.

Without further adieu, here are 3 really lousy reasons to leave a church.

1.) The church is too large.

Some have cited that the church getting too big is their reason for leaving a church.  They feel a number.

Is growth not something that should be celebrated within churches? Something is wrong if we do not really believe that growth is a critical metric. The real reason Christians even exist to make friends. Hence, our mission is exponential growth.

On some level, if churches aren’t growing, the Great Commission is not really being emphasized. I do praise God for the way He has utilized men and women to draw many people to Himself.

So, do not be judgmental here. Instead, find a way to go deeper. Find a way to make it a point to plug in. Those opportunities are actually present anywhere. Find them.

2.) The church focuses too much on materialism as well as excellence.

Unfortunately, many Christians have now come to believe that excellence, as well as extravagance, are the same. Also unfortunate is the point that belief that churches who spend a lot of money are too focused on materialism and worldliness.

Excellence is something which every church should pursue. While excellence does indeed require money, excellence is not really an extravagance. And most churches who spend funds on being excellent also spend larger amounts of cash when it comes to giving back to the Kingdom. A church with a beautiful campus is not necessarily a church that stewards Gods money badly. Be careful about drawing these non-abundant conclusions.

Don does not leave your church because some leaders place an emphasis on doing everything really well. They are only following Gods lead.

3.) I am now offended.

Let’s face it. Any church is full of broken and hurting people. And many Christians wake up looking to be offended. It is simply their default programming and posture. It is sadly crippling to everyone’s spiritual growth. It is additionally crippling to the health of any church.

So, when you do manage to get offended, you do have two options:

1.) You can head for the door and leave the church, which does nothing to promote spiritual growth or Christlikeness.

2.) You can work make every attempt to work through the conflict, making you a stronger better Christian as well as likely drawing you and the individual who offended you closer as well.

Leaving a church because one person has said something offensive to someone else is just a bad reflection of the gospel.

If Jesus had left us every single time we offended him or even mocked His name, Jesus would only have two people left: the Father and the Holy Spirit. So, walk in step with the gospel by pushing through conflict.

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